Book Sales & Textbook Recycling

One of the challenges that elementary and high schools face is finding a place to unload textbooks that they no longer have use for.  Rather than letting them accumulate in storage, simply call the American Book Exchange. We specialize in easy, simple textbook recycling to help renew and reuse these valuable materials.  In addition, if you are looking for a textbook resale service, we can also accommodate those needs.

We buy old workbooks, teacher resource materials, textbooks and recreational books of any age and condition by the ton, and we even pick them up for you.  You get to eliminate all your old books in one action and save space, postage, labor and disposal costs.  We travel throughout the south, including to schools in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, East Texas and Georgia.  Additionally, we always adhere to each state and each school’s different rules and policies, and we always recycle old textbooks with the environment in mind.

We make textbook recycling and resale simple for individual users or entire school systems.  Find out more about our process, and contact us to arrange recycling for your used textbooks.


Plate too full?

American Book Exchange can help!

Benefits for your School:

  • Earn Money:
    We will pay your school tonnage price for books to be recycled, and offer a price for books that have value!
  • Save Time:
    There is no need calling and coordinating visits with several companies. We are interested in taking ALL the workbooks, teacher resource materials, and textbooks!
  • Save Money and Hassle:
    You don’t have the hassle, labor, or landfill costs of disposing of excess educational materials.

Call 800-453-7954 today and let American Book Exchange take care of your surplus and out of adoption books!